Wet varnishing of details of plastic and metalVarnishing, PVD coating and finishing varnishVarnishing with PVD coating and chromeVarnishing and pad printingVarnishing with screen printing


Varnishing with hot stamping on chrome foilVarnishing with PVD coating for carsKevlar products, glass fabrics

Precision lacquer coatings

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What we offer

Wet varnishing of plastic and metal parts

Combination of varnishing, PVD coating and finishing varnish.


Varnishing with PVD coating with chrome and aluminum

Water transfer printing with foil

Varnishing with screen printing

Varnishing and pad printing

Varnishing with hot stamping on chrome foil

Varnishing with PVD coating for cars

Kevlar and glass fabrics

More about the company

The company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified by TUV Rheiniand. Our team consists of 50 highly qualified workers and specialists, distributed in different workshops, which are equipped with cameras and robots for varnishing, equipment for manual varnishing, pad printing, screen printing and hot stamping especially for foil. In the first place for us is the quality of the lacquered details.
Our main customers are in the field of white goods / details for refrigerators, freezers, washing machines /, as well as sanitary equipment for bathrooms – soap dispensers, towels and fragrances. We specialize in varnishing products for the military industry, optical devices, night vision devices, as well as various packaging in cosmetics. We are also a leader in the restoration of auto parts – wheels, reflectors and details for the car interior. With us you can find electrically conductive varnish with a certificate of strength, used for shielding various plastic parts for machine control. Among our foreign partners is the famous manufacturer of ski helmets or motorcycle parts made of composite materials such as carbon, aramid and glass fabrics. We also take a leading place on the Bulgarian market in the water transfer printing with foil, with the help of which we can transform a part of the interior of your car.

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ISO 9001:2015
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